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Product safety law

Product safety law is gaining ground as much in the European Union as it is in the USA and Asian countries such as China and Japan. The German Product Safety Act (ProdSG), the Machinery Directive, ATEX and low voltage are topics which are just as relevant as the German Electrical and Electronic Waste Act (ElektroG), RoHS and WEEE and the Ecodesign Directive. We also cover the German Medical Devices Act (MPG) and regulations concerning nano- and biotechnology, including licensing issues, the right way to deal with risk assessments and notified bodies, all the way up to the complete handling of a market surveillance procedure under the RAPEX system.

Compliance management

Compliance management is a term that goes far beyond the regulatory framework, designating the obligation of companies to organise themselves and their business in a way that ensures legal compliance. With our quality compliance management, we provide a solution by which compliance is integrated into existing quality management systems. An efficient solution for the implementation of current requirements.

Product liability law

We advise our clients on both the prevention of and defence against product liability claims. Beginning with the development of a product, we provide our clients with a list of the applicable regulatory requirements and assist them in their implementation.
With our international law office network, we can provide advice in all the relevant legal systems and represent our clients anywhere in the world.

Competition law

Infringements against product safety law always have a competition law aspect too. Frequently, a civil law approach is more effective than market surveillance on the part of the authorities. We assist our clients in the filing of claims asserting rights of forbearance and claims for damages, and of course also in defence against claims.

Recall management

The way manufacturers, importers or dealers cope with the unaccustomed situation of a recall campaign is usually somewhat disorganised and inexpert, and therefore critical in terms of the further steps that need to be taken to minimise the damage. We supervise the entire recall process and assist our clients in their communication with third parties such as insurance companies and suppliers.

Insurance law

Today's companies are equipped with a large number of different insurance policies. We advise our clients on their choice of insurance, but also, and above all, on the adjustment of insurance claims in all classes and on all scales.

Contract law at home and abroad

The operative business of an industrial enterprise consists of a large number of contractual relationships at home and abroad. The drawing-up of contracts with suppliers, development partners and customers is one of the core areas of our work.


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Philipp Reusch Daniel Wuhrmann Miriam Schuh Andreas Reuter Dr. Carlo Piltz Maximilian Simons Melanie Schuh Julia Rupp Alexandra Tirotta Andrea Funk

Philipp Reusch

Attorney at law since 2003
Founder of reuschlaw
Assistant lecturer on product liability and
product safety at the RWTH in Aachen 
Industrial business management assistant

Automotive, Regulatory Affairs and Compliance

T > +49 30 2332 895-0 E > p.reusch(at)reuschlaw(dot)de

Daniel Wuhrmann

Senior counsel and attorney at law since 2011
with reuschlaw since 2011
Training completed as a lawyer specialising
in industrial relations law
Training completed as a lawyer specialising
in international commercial law

Automotive and consumer products


T > +49 30 2332 895-0 E > d.wuhrmann(at)reuschlaw(dot)de

Miriam Schuh

Attorney at law since 2002

Senior counsel and attorney at law
with reuschlaw since 2012 
Training completed as a lawyer specialising
in law of medicine

Medical devices industry 

T > +49 681 859 160-0 E > miriam.schuh(at)reuschlaw(dot)de

Andreas Reuter

Of counsel

with reuschlaw since 2014

Until 2013 staff lawyer with Robert Bosch GmbH
Teaching assignments at Pforzheim University 

Automotive and Compliance

T > +49 30 2332 895-0 E > andreas.reuter(at)reuschlaw(dot)de

Dr. Carlo Piltz

attorney at law since 2014
with reuschlaw since 2017

Certified European Data Protection Supervisor (TÜV) 

Data Protection and Connected Products

T > +49 30 2332 895-0 E > carlo.piltz(at)reuschlaw(dot)de

Maximilian Simons

Associate and attorney at law

with reuschlaw since 2015

Consultant to the automotive industry

T > +49 30 2332 895-0 E > maximilian.simons(at)reuschlaw(dot)de

Melanie Schuh

Dipl.-Sportl.; B.Sc. BWL

with reuschlaw since 2015

Marketing & Communications

T > +49 30 2332 895-0 E > melanie.schuh(at)reuschlaw(dot)de

Julia Rupp

Paralegal at reuschlaw since 2012

Office management and event organisation

T > +49 681 859 160-0 E > julia.rupp(at)reuschlaw(dot)de

Alexandra Tirotta

Paralegal at reuschlaw
after successful apprenticeship

with reuschlaw since 2013

Office management and team assistant

T > +49 681 859 160-0 E > alexandra.tirotta(at)reuschlaw(dot)de

Andrea Funk

with reuschlaw since 2016

Office management, Marketing & Communications

T > +49 681 859 160-0 E > andrea.funk(at)reuschlaw(dot)de
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