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Personality (lawyer)

Ideally, you have 2-4 years’ professional experience and an above-average degree from university or technical college. Your knowledge of German and English is very good and enables you to carry on negotiations competently. You understand the way we focus on our clients and have a confident manner with which you are able to make a good impression. You are reliable and your character tends strongly toward acting on your own personal initiative. You are open-minded and creative and enjoy teamwork.

How to join

We will be glad to have you join us as a research associate, trainee lawyer or lawyer.


You can join reuschlaw following a traineeship or a period spent working as a research associate, or directly as an associate. Depending on their professional experience, our associates start out as junior or senior associates, clearly assigned to a partner with a focus on a particular sector. After as little as 2 years, associates have the opportunity to open up specialist areas and topics of their own which are related to the sector in which they have been working. When they have been part of the firm for 2-4 years, senior associates receive a statement indicating whether or not they have any chances of a partnership. If so, they then have a further 5 years ahead of them before reaching salary partnership.

Routes to partnership

Graduates can join the firm as trainee lawyers, research associates or associates. The usual career route runs from associate via salary partner to equity partner.

Further training

Each associate is allocated a mentor, with whom he or she can discuss queries and problems. Once a week our reuschlaw academy is held. Here, research associates, associates and partners respectively present current judgements, specialist articles, recent developments and cases from actual practice in the sector in which they work. The reuschlaw academy is regularly complemented by the coaching series ‘reuschlaw meets … ’, in which our partners from industry and service providers acquaint associates and partners alike with the tricks of their trade. Each associate has a further training budget of his or her own, and can determine in consultation with the partner which further training units (specialist seminars, coaching sessions, language courses etc.) that budget can be used for.

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