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Personality (trainee lawyer)

You have completed at least 6 semesters of a study course in law or business law (university / technical college) and can contribute a solid knowledge of German and English, both written and spoken. You are committed and reliable, and distinguish yourself by your ability to act on your own personal initiative. Open-mindedness and creativity form just as much part of your character as the ability to work fast and effectively.


reuschlaw academy, reuschlaw meets: every Friday, we hold our reuschlaw academy. Here, trainee lawyers, research associates, associates and partners get the opportunity to present particular legal topics and contents which are then discussed in a team. Experts are invited to come and speak at our coaching format ‘reuschlaw meets … ’. In this way, the knowledge of the whole team can be trained and expanded.

Career stages

lawyer stage, elective stage, parallel work and traineeship

Comments from former trainees

Martina Escher-Lehman, former trainee lawyer: "From the very beginning, Reusch Rechtsanwälte make sure you're involved in their everyday work! The firm is characterised by flat hierarchies and has many interesting thematic areas; yet knowledge-sharing, teamwork and collegial solidarity are never neglected!"

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