Beyond ISO 262262 - 9th international CTI Conference: SOTIF, Cybersecurity and Functional Safety

Category: product safety, product liability, cybersecurity Industry: automotive Date: until
Daniel Wuhrmann

The 9th International CTI Conference will be taking place from Monday, 30 March, through 1 April at Royal Park Hotel Rochester in Rochester.

The safety of automated vehicles is considered an exigent topic.

The 9th International CTI Conference will tie together the following three topics: Functional Safety ISO 26262, Safety Of The Intended Functionality (SOTIF) ISO/PAS 21448 and Cybersecurity ISO/SAE 21434.

Along with Jeffrey Greene, attorney and shareholder at Greenberg Traurig, Daniel Wuhrmann and Andreas Reuter will discuss the legal aspects in the following talks:

  • Functional safety – best practice of product development from a legal perspective in the US and the EU
  • Functional safety requirements concerning due care and consumer products in vehicles

Wuhrmann and Reuter will offer solid insights into agreements between suppliers and customers and into the use of consumer components in automotive applications.

In addition to the legal aspects, other key topics include:

  • Cybersecurity as it relates to functional safety
  • Agile in automotive
  • Practice with ISO 26262

Attendees will benefit from more than 30 experts sharing best practices as well as receiving valuable insight into recent developments from working group members.

More information about registration fees and accommodations can be found here.