Business Brunch - Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0

Category: product liability, cybersecurity, contract law Industry: mobility, machine construction Location: Düsseldorf Date:

#AI #Blockchain #Cybersecurity #DigitalTwin #DataProtection #ePerson #m2mcommunication #ProductLiability #robotics #smartcontracts #freeflowofdata #m2m #iotsecurity

Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 are not just technological trends and drivers of disruptive business models. At the same time, the whole of the legal landscape is shifting. The deployment of blockchain in Industry 4.0 is throwing up some major legal issues, as is the use of a digital twin in development and production.

All these topics are flanked by questions from the fields of contract law and product liability law. Without the large-scale deployment of data, on the other hand, these business models are unimaginable. Provisions from the GDPR are needed here, but so is the EU's free-flow-of-data regulation. The use of artificial intelligence raises questions relating to liability for such autonomous systems, and these also need to be taken into account in the design of business models. All these questions, and the current legal position in each case, are topics that will be discussed at our business brunch.




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