Opportunities and challenges of monetizing vehicle data under the GPDR

Category: cybersecurity, data protection, compliance Industry: mobility Location: Webinar Date:
monetizng the digital car

Meet Stefan Hessel at the Monetizing the Digital Car Virtual 'Live' Event

The increasing digitalization of the automotive industry is generating more and more data from vehicles. This makes it possible to not only optimize costs along the value chain on the basis of data but also commercially exploit vehicle data across locations or manufacturers in the form of an independent data product. To exploit this enormous potential, however, companies need legal certainty with regard to the use of data from a data protection and privacy perspective on the one hand, and usage and remuneration models for the collaborative exchange of data on the other.

Stefan Hessel will be giving his speach on 24 November 16:45 CET. Enter discount code VCNOV25 for the 25% discount. Further information regarding the agenda, speakers and registration can be found on the Monetizing the Digital Car Virtual 'Live' website.