Quo vadis, autonomous driving?

Category: product liability, contract law Industry: mobility Location: Hornbach Date:

What will the future deliver?   

Automotive supply industry 2018 – 26 to 28 September at Kloster Hornbach 

The mobility of tomorrow makes the headlines more or less every day. But what about laws and standards? Daniel Wuhrmann will be devoting himself to the topic of 'automated driving' from a legal point of view and throwing some light on the following aspects: 

  • current status of the European legal framework for (partly) automated driving 
  • intelligent and autonomous systems – who is liable?
  • legal hurdles for suppliers – the outlook 

Daniel Wuhrmann is a salary partner at reuschlaw Legal Consultants. As an experienced expert with extensive sector-specific know-how in the automotive supply industry, the emphasis in his work is on advising clients from the automotive / automobile supply sector. As far as the content of that advice as a lawyer goes, it mainly concerns the negotiation and design of international contracts, advice on product recalls, litigation and product liability.