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Automotive Law Study

Category: compliance Industry: automotive, corporate news Date: 2017

Obligation to indicate the basic price of cosmetic products

Category: compliance Industry: healthcare, cosmetics Author: Miriam Schuh Date: 2017

Automated driving and the liability of the manufacturer

Category: cybersecurity , product safety , product liability Industry: automotive Author: Philipp Reusch Date: 2017

New safety standards for radio equipment in product law

Reviewing contractual agreements with suppliers

Category: contract law Industry: healthcare Author: Miriam Schuh Date: 2017

German Brand Award 2017

Industry: corporate news Date: 2017

Award winner: Philipp Reusch is one of the ‘Best Lawyers® Product Liability’

Category: product liability Industry: corporate news Author: Philipp Reusch Date: 2017

Current state of technology poses questions

The sooner the legal framework is put in place, the sooner HAD will become part of series production

Category: contract law Industry: automotive Author: Daniel Wuhrmann Date: 2017