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Planned changes to the Product Safety Act

Draft bill amending the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act: Is there an obligation to label and take back commercially used equipment?

New case report of the Central Agency Packaging Register

Category: compliance Industry: consumer goods Author: Philipp Reusch , Niklas Gatermann Date: 2020

Ministry of Economics plans uniform market surveillance law

From REACH to POP: Is PFOA now completely banned?

RoHS II Directive: 2 new exemptions as of 1 May

Consumer Directives reloaded: stricter requirements for traders in online retail

Category: product liability , product safety Industry: consumer goods Author: Philipp Reusch Date: 2020

Market surveillance and conformity in the context of COVID-19

Update on the consequences of Brexit for the medical devices industry

Category: product safety , product liability , compliance Industry: healthcare Author: Miriam Schuh Date: 2020