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The "Supply Chain Act": Overview and Classification

Can silence in a supplier relationship be construed as a threat and grounds for termination?

Category: contract law Industry: mobility Author: Daniel Wuhrmann , Niklas Gatermann Date: 2020

Higher Regional Court of Karlsruhe classifies a touchscreen as an electronic device

New UN regulations for cybersecurity and software updates in the automotive industry

EU Commission prepares revision of the NIS Directive

Labor Court of Iserlohn: data breaches may lead to dissolution of the works council

New rules for Level 3 autonomous driving

Category: future law , product safety Industry: mobility Author: Daniel Wuhrmann , Thorsten Deeg Date: 2020

The Liechtenstein Data Protection Authority describes the course of a data protection audit

Germany: BGH issues decision on cookie consent based on CJEU Planet49 case