Artificial intelligence (AI) and product liability

Philipp Reusch, specialist for product safety and cyber security

An article by Philipp Reusch at the digitalisation portal of the magazine Computerwoche

Artificial intelligence, i.e. autodidactic machines, are regarded as indispensable elements of digitalisation.

However, there is still a lack of clear legal regulations. Neither has the issue of liability been resolved yet. What happens, for example, if a machine makes a mistake?

Philipp Reusch investigates this question and reports on deep learning, cases of error and the current state of the legal discussion at the digitalisation portal of the magazine Computerwoche. You can also find out why it’s still worthwhile for manufacturing companies to spend time now coming to terms with possible scenarios of loss or damage; there’s more on this in the online article at Computerwoche.

[June 7th, 2017]