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reuschlaw Legal Consultants is a founding member of

The association's goal is to allow automotive suppliers and companies in the automotive industry in North Rhine-Westphalia to connect with each other and work together to develop a powerful strategy for countering the fundamental structural changes in the automotive industry. It plans to help companies contend with digitization, provide assistance to start-ups and promote research projects.

Philipp Reusch, founding partner: "The new forms of cooperation for automotive suppliers and manufacturers will be raising entirely new questions in the fields of product liability and product safety. It is necessary to clarify who is responsible, and therefore liable, for which parts of each product. Moreover, it is becoming increasingly common for vehicles and their components to collect data during use. As a result, companies in the automotive industry suddenly have to contend with data privacy questions as well. It is important for companies to think about these questions from the start and reach a contractual arrangement if necessary. We support the cluster because the automotive industry faces not only major technological challenges, but major legal challenges as well."

[June 2019]