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Daniel Wuhrmann appointed equity partner

Dr. Carlo Piltz to become salary partner

Effective from 1 January 2019, reuschlaw Legal Consultants have appointed Daniel Wuhrmann an equity partner and Dr. Carlo Piltz a salary partner. We are thus continuing on our course of growth and increasing the number of our partners to four.

Philipp Reusch, founding partner, says: "These two appointments illustrate the track record of our firm in terms of transparency and practial implementation and are an expression of our successful growth. Daniel Wuhrmann, who started out as an associate in our Saarbrücken office, has stamped his mark on the advice we give in the automotive sector and made a strong contribution to improving our market position in that segment. Carlo Piltz, with his expert knowledge, has helped us to provide more intensive advice in the fields of data protection and cyber-security – a perfect match in the context of increasingly interconnected products, processes and technologies which form one of the major areas in the practical advice we offer."

[January 2019]