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Germany’s best lawyers: award for Philipp Reusch in the area of product liability

It’s becoming more and more important for entrepreneurs and managers to engage the right lawyers. The US peer review publisher Best Lawyers conducts surveys in Germany exclusively for the Handelsblatt to find out which legal advisers are the most highly acclaimed. This is a survey in which lawyers only are asked about the reputation of their competitors. They are requested to name colleagues from outside their own firm. The respondent is asked to make a recommendation for the hypothetical case in which he himself is unable to accept a mandate for lack of time or cannot take on a case because of a clash of interests.

Many thanks to our colleagues for the trust they have shown in us. Germany-wide, a total of 12 law firms have received awards in the area of product liability including reuschlaw Legal Consultants. For further information go to the Handelsblatt.

[August 17th, 2017]