Initial findings of the Automotive Law Study

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In collaboration with the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), the Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin), the Automotive Quality Institute (AQI) and the German Quality Association (DGQ), we have surveyed over a hundred automotive supply businesses in Germany since April 2017. The survey has been designed to examine how validation methods, processes and tools have so far been consistently anchored and interconnected in those businesses. The aim of the study is to describe a holistic validation strategy for existing and future products in the automotive supply industry.

Philipp Reusch says: “Our study shows how fundamentally important it is to incorporate product liability and safety requirements over the entire life cycle of a product and at all the relevant places in the process landscape. Only in this way can companies guarantee high customer satisfaction with robust products in the long term. When we look at progressive digitalisation in the form of increasingly interconnected products, business models, technologies and manufacturing processes, we see great unused potential here.” 

The initial findings of the study were presented at our event ‘Automobilzulieferindustrie 2017’. More findings will follow in the near future.