Legal report on the inspection of wind energy plants

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reuschlaw Legal Consultants draws up legal report on inspection of wind energy plants

The Association of Technical Inspection Agencies (VdTÜV) has called for more comprehensive safety checks for wind turbines. The association considers the specifications applied so far to the inspection of wind energy plants to be inadequate.

Philipp Reusch, founding associate of reuschlaw Legal Consultants, says: "I'm glad we've been able to assist the VdTÜV with our core expertise on this challenging and important project."
As regards content, the legal report drawn up by reuschlaw Legal Consultants comes to the following conclusions: "Given the fact that the safety of wind energy plants is a thing that at least needs to be viewed critically, a prescribed inspection scheme would seem absolutely necessary, in terms of the intervals between inspections and the minimum requirements, and also in terms of the requirements relating to independent inspectors."

[January 2019]