Philipp Reusch is one of the 'Best Lawyers® Product Liability'

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This year too, Philipp Reusch has again been honoured by the reputable US publisher Best Lawyers as a Best Lawyer Product Liability 2018 in Germany. That means that since 2009, without interruption, the product liability expert has been one of the 'Best Lawyers™ in Germany' in his field.

Talking about this renewed honour, Philipp Reusch says: "I'm very pleased to be up on the leaderboard at Best Lawyers, because that pays tribute to the leading role our boutique plays in the areas of product liability and product safety. For years now, we have been held in high esteem for our expertise and our efficient, tailor-made mandate management. The award is both an accolade and an incentive to continue resolutely along that road."

Best Lawyers is one of the oldest and most reputable lawyers' ranking lists. It is drawn up based on a peer-to-peer survey and is highly regarded among both clients and jurists.