Regulation of Internet-of-Things cybersecurity in Europe and Germany as exemplified by devices for children

Category: cybersecurity, data protection Industry: consumer goods Author: Year:
Stefan Hessel

"The Toy Safety Directive is the heart of European regulations for the safety of toys. In Germany it was transposed into national law by the Ordinance on the safety of toys (Verordnung über die Sicherheit von Spielzeug). The main content of the Toy Safety Directive is the obligation of manufacturers to guarantee certain characteristics of toys, as provided for in Art. 10. These can be physical and mechanical properties, for example, but also non-flammability or chemical propertiesFootnote1. The Directive does not contain any regulations on IT security or a general clause on the security of toys. Furthermore, the Toy Safety Directive is only applicable if the IoT device in question is a toy within the definition in Art. 2 (1) of the Directive."

Stefan Hessel for Springer Link. The full article can be read here.