reuschlaw expands its Digital Business Unit, adding a new salary partner and four associates

Monika Menz

As of 1 September 2021, the experienced IT law expert Monika Menz will be joining reuschlaw Legal Consultants' Berlin team as a salary partner. She will head reuschlaw's Digital Business Unit together with Stefan Hessel. The firm, which specializes in product liability law, will be adding four new associates on 1 September in addition to Monika Menz: Christoph Callewaert, Julia Domnick, Laura Herlitz and Anna Piroth. With these additions, reuschlaw continues to grow and now includes 17 attorneys and business law experts, 9 of them working from the Berlin office which the firm opened in 2013.

Monika Menz an attorney specializing in IT law and a proven expert in the areas of IT law, data protection law and IT security law. She will be coming over from the Berlin office of a firm specializing in IP and technology and previously served as senior manager in the digital law practice group of a leading auditing firm. She also worked as an attorney in the IP/IT practice group of a firm specializing in business law, with a focus on IT and data protection law. Starting in 2008, Ms. Menz has been a visiting lecturer in IT law at the University of Potsdam's Hasso Plattner Institute for Digital Engineering.

Christoph Callewaert, who will be joining Digital Business Unit as an associate, is a bilingual attorney with an additional degree in French law. He will work in the team led by Monika Menz and Stefan Hessel, with a focus on IT and data protection law and a geographical focus on Belgium, France and Luxembourg. His experience founding a start-up devoted to digitization of SMEs will further enrich the practical support which reuschlaw provides for its clients.

Laura Herlitz, Julia Domnick and Anna Piroth will join the Regulatory Affairs team led by Philipp Reusch as associates. As a business attorney, Laura Herlitz has experience providing advice in product safety law, with a focus on digitization of products. Julia Domnick is an attorney and political scientist who previously worked at a business law firm, where she provided advice in the area of compliance management. She will be joining the team led by Philipp Reusch. Anna Piroth, who has also earned a Bachelor of Laws/Licence de droit degree from Paris Nanterre University, will work primarily in the growing health care segment.

Philipp Reusch commented as follows: "I am very pleased that we have been able to secure outstanding new talents for our teams in the course of our strategic alignment and the increased focus on our cybersecurity and data protection advice for products and digital services. With her personal, professional and academic background, Monika Menz is the perfect choice to head our Digital Business Unit alongside Stefan Hassel as a new salary partner. Christoph Callewaert will help us further expand our consulting practice in the Saar-Lor-Lux region and Laura Herlitz, Julia Domnick and Anna Piroth will provide our Regulatory Affairs team with valuable support in the areas of product safety and compliance and in the growing health care segment. This strategic expansion will take our consulting practice to the next level, allowing us to offer our clients integrated and interdisciplinary advice which incorporates cybersecurity and data protection requirements, as well as those of IT law."

The press release can be found here.