Strategic refocusing with new Digital Business Competence Group

Stefan Hessel Karin Potel Prof. Dr. Thomas Söbbing

Prof. Dr. Thomas Söbbing, LL.M., as Of Counsel

The business law firm reuschlaw Legal Consultants will be realigning its advisory services in the fields of cybersecurity, data protection and IT law to focus more on product liability and digital services and adapt to changing market conditions, as founding partner Philipp Reusch explains:

"We live in a time in which products and services are constantly becoming more and more digitized, and this process affects our core advisory services, advice in liability law for both analog and digital business cases. As a result, stronger integration of IT, data protection and AI law is indispensable; viewing data protection in isolation does not go far enough. Requirements of cybersecurity, data protection and IT law must be integral components in all of our departments and services."

As a result of this strategic refocusing, reuschlaw is announcing the formation of its new interdepartmental Digital Business Competence Group (DBCG) with Stefan Hessel as team leader. DBCG advisors will assist clients in all questions relating to digital business, and not only those relating to cybersecurity, data protection and IT law. According to Philipp Reusch,

"the members of our former Cybersecurity and Data Protection team, above all Stefan Hessel and Karin Potel, played a key role in shaping this new alignment, which will help our firm continue to grow in the coming years." The new team will be enlarged considerably in the future.

In the course of this strategic realignment, Dr. Carlo Piltz will be leaving in mjd-year after more than four years with the firm. Philipp Reusch commented as follows: "We would like to thank Dr. Carlo Piltz for our strong collaboration and we will remain friends in the future."

As part of the realignment, the firm will be strengthening its Saarbrucken office with the aim of intensifying exchanges and collaboration with the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security and other key institutions, industry partners and the new field office of the Federal Office for Information Security in Saarbrucken, as well as with data protection authorities in southern Germany. These efforts should benefit the firm's many clients in southwestern Germany and the greater Saarland, Lorraine and Luxembourg region, as well as in Austria and Switzerland.

In addition, Prof. Dr. Thomas Söbbing, LL.M., will be joining the Berlin office of reuschlaw Legal Consultants on 1 June 2021 as Of Counsel. A well-known IT law expert specializing in legal questions relating to artificial intelligence, Söbbing will assist the reuschlaw team in the areas of IT and data protection law and AI law, as well as in innovation law, outsourcing and computing.

He teaches civil law and the law of the digital economy at Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences and is a member of the University Senate Research Committee. Prof. Dr. Söbbing previously worked as General Counsel at the IT project and services company SOLCOM GmbH and Head of Legal & Compliance Affairs at CRIF Bürgel GmbH, as well as serving for many years as Chief Legal Specialist at Deutsche Leasing Group and Head of Legal Contract Management at Siemens. Philipp Reusch commented as follows: "I am very happy that we were able to get Tom Söbbing for our Berlin team. By bringing him on board, we will be adding an internationally recognized expert with a broad area of expertise who will be not only a new member of our Digital Business Competence Group, but a real sparring partner and a pioneer in AI law."

The press release can be found here.