Why the brakes are still on for e-scooters in Germany

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Electro kick scooters help reduce pollution from traffic and are regarded as the next billion-dollar business, but the federal government is getting tangled up in red tape

According to the present status of the draft (draft ordinance by the Ministry of Transport), very small electric vehicles have to be insured (third-party insurance + insurance disc), and their drivers require a moped test certificate at the very least. Philipp Reusch comments on this draft in the 'Handelsblatt' of 26 November 2018: "Of course there has to be some kind of permit which formulates clear requirements. But if the speed limit of 20 kilometers per hour is adhered to, neither special insurance nor a driving licence should be necessary. After all, they're not required for bicycles, which participate in road traffic in exactly the same way".

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[January 2019]