Cyber Security: Legal challenges and strategic recommendations for companies in the European and German market

Kategorie: Cybersecurity, Compliance Branche: Mobility, Konsumgüter, Maschinenbau, Healthcare Ort: Webinar Datum:
Stefan Hessel

Legislators in Europe and Germany are currently trying to counter insufficient cybersecurity measures in companies or products with a growing number of legal requirements. In addition to the technical risks of inadequate cybersecurity, companies are therefore increasingly exposed to legal risks. The latter can result, for example, in fines, claims for damages or even the ban of products.

To counter these risks, companies need a cybersecurity compliance management system to bundle the difficult-to-understand number of legal requirements in a meaningful way and to define uniform IT security requirements. Stefan Hessel uses practical examples to explain which legal requirements exist for cybersecurity on the European and German market and how these can be implemented with the help of cyber security compliance management.

Product certifications play an important role for companies. Intertek’s goal is not only to certify your products, but to do so in the most time and cost-efficient way for you. Intertek experts, such as Stephen Morgan, have the experience and expertise to ensure that your products are cyber-secure. Starting with the design/development process, through to penetration and vulnerability testing, Intertek can provide simple introduction services or comprehensive cyber security certifications. This is how you prepare your products for the current and upcoming regulatory changes, rest assured with Intertek.


The webinar is held on 28 April from 3pm-5pm by reuschlaw Legal Consultants and Intertek Consumer Goods GmbH. The attendance is free of charge. Register here.