Cyber Security & Cyber Assured

Category: cybersecurity, data protection Industry: mobility, machine construction, healthcare, consumer goods Location: Webinar Date:
Christoph Callewaert

Connectivity creates exciting new capabilities for consumer products and toys, but also exposes them to new risks. We will update you on the latest regulatory developments, and options to mitigate cyber risks and meet regulations for your products.

Legislators in Europe and Germany are currently attempting to counter insufficient cybersecurity and data protection measures in companies or products with a growing number of legal requirements. In addition to the technical risks of inadequate cybersecurity, companies are therefore also increasingly exposed to legal risks. These can lead, for example, to fines, claims for damages or even the ban of products. At the same time, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has tightened the data protection requirements for providers and product manufacturers. With the draft of the Data Act of the European Union, the next challenges are already on the horizon, especially with regard to data monetization.The presentation will use practical examples to explain which legal requirements exist for cybersecurity and data protection on the European and German markets and how these can be implemented.

Session 1:

  • Cybersecurity compliance
  • GDPR compliance
  • Data monetization
  • Compliance management system


Session 2:

  • Cyber Threat Landscape
  • Notable IoT Cyber Security Examples
  • IoT Regulations and Standards
  • ETSI EN 303 645
  • RED Article 3.3 Cybersecurity
  • Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill (PSTI)
  • What vendors can do now to start aligning with these requirements


Register here. Participation is free of charge. The number of seats is limited. The webinar will be held on May 4th from 3:00-5:00 pm in cooperation with Intertek Consumer Goods GmbH.