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The right course of action in case of a data breach

Category: data protection Industry: healthcare, consumer goods Author: Olga Kasner Date: 2019

The PLEV Ordinance

Category: compliance Industry: automotive, consumer goods Author: Philipp Reusch , Jonas Hellinger Date: 2019


Bad grades for Google, WhatsApp and Co.

Category: data protection Industry: consumer goods Author: Dr. Carlo Piltz Date: 2019

Mobile Updates

What makes us unique as a firm

Industry: corporate news Author: Philipp Reusch Date: 2019

The new Trade Secrets Act

Category: compliance , cybersecurity , contract law Industry: automotive Author: Daniel Wuhrmann Date: 2019

PLEVs: clarity at last?

Category: product safety Industry: consumer goods, automotive Author: Philipp Reusch , Jonas Hellinger Date: 2019

The GDPR and documenting the erasure of data: effectively impossible?