Busi­ness Brunch – Indus­tri­al IoT and Indus­try 4.0


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Indus­tri­al IoT and Indus­try 4.0 are not just tech­no­lo­gi­cal trends and dri­vers of dis­rup­ti­ve busi­ness models. At the same time, the who­le of the legal land­scape is shif­ting. The deploy­ment of block­chain in Indus­try 4.0 is thro­wing up some major legal issues, as is the use of a digi­tal twin in deve­lo­p­ment and production.

All the­se topics are flan­ked by ques­ti­ons from the fields of con­tract law and pro­duct lia­bi­li­ty law. Wit­hout the large-scale deploy­ment of data, on the other hand, the­se busi­ness models are uni­ma­gi­nable. Pro­vi­si­ons from the GDPR are nee­ded here, but so is the EU’s free-flow-of-data regu­la­ti­on. The use of arti­fi­ci­al intel­li­gence rai­ses ques­ti­ons rela­ting to lia­bi­li­ty for such auto­no­mous sys­tems, and the­se also need to be taken into account in the design of busi­ness models. All the­se ques­ti­ons, and the cur­rent legal posi­ti­on in each case, are topics that will be dis­cus­sed at our busi­ness brunch.




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