Recourse and warranty from the perspective of the 1st tier

Category: product liability, contract law, recall management Industry: mobility Location: Hornbach Date:

Short development cycles, highly complex systems, extended warranty periods: these are just a few of the areas which pose challenges for manufacturers and suppliers of complex systems. We will be highlighting the specific features of the system from the perspective of a 1st tier supplier, BENTELER. We have been able to obtain Ms. Daniela Günther, General Counsel, and Mr. Jonathan Gulde of the Central Legal Department as speakers on the following topics:

  • current questions relating to individual recourse concepts;
  • directed parts & directed suppliers;
  • do's and don'ts in case of liability.

Jonathan Gulde grew up in Bielefeld, studied political science and law at the University of Münster and completed his legal internship at the District Court of Bielefeld, with a side occupation as in-house counsel for a mid-sized publishing company in Gütersloh. Since the beginning of 2017, he has served as permanent legal adviser in BENTERLER Group's central legal department, where Mr. Gulde is particularly responsible for the field of automotive technology.

Daniela Günther has been working at BENTELER Group's legal department since April 2009, and has headed the department since September 2014. With a team based not only in Paderborn but in China, Brazil, the US and Russia as well, she is responsible for all of the Group's worldwide operations. She provides advice in all legal questions arising in an industrial company. Daniela Günther studied at the University of Göttingen and completed her Master of Law in industrial property at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf.

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