Daniel Wuhrmann

Attorney at law

Attorney at law
Equity partner

Head of the automotive department
Lecturer in product liability at the TH Köln (Cologne University of Applied Sciences)

T > 49 30 / 2332 895 0
E > d.wuhrmann@reuschlaw.de

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Daniel Wuhrmann is a equity partner at reuschlaw Legal Consultants. 

Professional experience

A well versed expert with profound industrial know-how in respect of the automotive supply industry, he mainly advises clients from the automotive / automotive supply sector. 

In terms of content, the emphasis in his work as a legal consultant is on international contract negotiation and contract design, advice on product recalls, litigation and product liability.

Career development

Daniel Wuhrmann studied law in Saarbrücken. This author of numerous professional articles has also worked as management assistant for development and legal at a first-tier supplier in Detroit and in the legal department of a German OEM, and is a lecturer on product liability at the FH Köln (Cologne University of Applied Sciences).

Publications (selection)

  • Editor of and contributor to the loose-leaf collection „Compliance aktuell“ for the area “Product Liability and Product Safety”, C. F. Müller Verlag: Heidelberg, Update August 2017
  • Publication in ‘InTeR’, 01 /2017, p. 31 ff.: “Abweichungen bei Produkt- und Prozessfreigaben und der Sachmangel nach § 434 Abs. 1 BGB” ("Deviations in product and process release and the material defect as in Section 434 (1) of the BGB"). Deutscher Fachverlag: Frankfurt am Main
  • Publication in „Recht, Automobil, Wirtschaft“ (“Law, Automotive, Industry”), 01/2013, p. 7ff.: “Costs of installation and removal in cases of defective products received from suppliers”; Deutscher Fachverlag: Frankfurt am Main
  • Regular publications in „Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit“ (“Quality and Reliability”), Carl Hanser Verlag: Munich

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