reuschlaw Legal Consultants the only law firm in the recently launched GAIA-X 4 AI project

Philipp Reusch

reuschlaw Legal Consultants is the only law firm taking part in the recently launched GAIA-X 4 AI project, as one of 16 industry and research partners. The project is part of the GAIA-X mobility domain working group and is under the scientific direction of the German Aerospace Center. It will run through mid-2024, has a budget of EUR 18 million and will be subsidized by Germany's Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Four additional subprojects are planned this year in this area.

GAIA-X 4 AI is about optimizing the massive amounts of data which is generated from the planning, construction and operation of vehicles, as well as the associated applications, using artificial intelligence (AI). It will focus not only on analysis, but also on creating new possibilities in the field of automation, as well as in production. The project will also investigate the question as to how data from production and data from day-to-day operation can be effectively combined. The integrated data rooms which will be necessary for this purpose have their place within GAIA-X as the foundation for a new digital ecosystem.

Philipp Reusch commented as follows: "In the course of our consulting activities, we have long been engaged in developing legal solutions for questions relating to the growth in data infrastructure. We are proud to be part of this vital European project, which is largely about defining quality and certification standards which offer the greatest possible security in connection with the processing and use of data. Therefore, we are very much looking forward to developing reference architectures as part of GAIA-X 4 AI to demonstrate what such a legal framework could look like, where we can rely on existing laws and where there may be gaps which would have to be filled with contractual specifications. Ultimately, this project is about setting the legal guardrails for data protection and, at the same time, securing the ability to innovate and remain competitive all over the world."

About GAIA-X

GAIA-X aims to create an environment where data and services can be securely made available, collated and shared. GAIA-X follows European data protection principles and is to be characterized in part by a decentralized architecture and transparency. GAIA-X currently has one nine domain working groups, one of which is mobility.

The press release can be found here.