Business Brunch - Directed parts suppliers and product integrity

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Icebergs in development and production?

OEM customers focus on just a few core topics; otherwise, they often limit themselves to specifying concepts which need to be fleshed out by Tier 1 and Co. In some cases, they will merely provide a list of requirements, which is to serve as the model for (further) development of the suppliers' own (system) components.
As exciting as this is for developers and as interesting for sales team members, the risks lie in the details:

  • If (complex) developments are necessary and third parties are involved in those developments, who has which rights to the results?

  • What is the situation in liability law if a directed part supplier designated by the OEM fails to supply its parts, fails to do so in a timely manner or supplies defective parts in serial fashion (undetected)?

  • Who is responsible for the conformity and safety of complex systems which include components from various suppliers?

These questions have become enormously more important not only due to the evolution of production chains and forms in the industrial sector, but also because of the establishment of revised standards like IATF 16949 and the VDA "product integrity" volume.
We would like invite you to discuss these topics and possible solutions with us at our business brunch on 8 November 2019.