Business Brunch – the fourth railway package

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Responsibility and liability against the backdrop of the new authorisation regulation

What lies ahead for the rail industry?
Business Brunch with Sebastian Giera & Philipp Reusch on 20 April 2018 in Berlin 

The new European authorisation regulation for rail vehicles is here. As from June 2019, the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) will move centre stage in respect of rail vehicle authorisation, and all approval procedures will in future have to be transacted via the so-called 'one-stop shop' (on-line tool). 

The regulations, processes, applications, documents and procedures which are necessary to product authorisation will thus now change with lasting effect. Familiar concepts such as series approval and the formalisation of sets of laws will disappear. 

But what does that all mean for the manufacturers, suppliers and assistant protagonists with regard to the statutory requirements relating to product safety and product liability? Just what the new procedures will actually look like in practice has so far not been completely resolved. To that extent, we would like to tackle this topic proactively in advance, talking about possible concepts, presenting validation scenarios and discussing other changes with you.