reuschlaw retained for pilot project at #DigitaleSchiene Deutschland

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Sebastian Giera

#DigitaleSchiene: reuschlaw retained on the vehicle side for the pilot project "Digital Node Stuttgart"

The "Stuttgart Digital Node" traffic and pilot project is the first time in Germany that a major rail and railroad node has been fully digitally equipped and upgraded across all train types. The Digital Node Stuttgart is thus not only setting new standards in rail traffic, but also represents the benchmark for the entire upcoming digitisation of railroads in Germany.

Over the next few years, around 125 kilometers of track in the Stuttgart metropolitan region will be equipped with new control and safety technology and around 500 rail vehicles will be fitted with new digital technology. For the first time, digital interlockings, the European Train Control System (ETCS) and other technologies based on it for automatic train operation (ATO) are being used here across the board and across all systems. The aim is to make German rail transport more reliable, more punctual, more efficient, more sustainable and fit for the future.

Ronald Pofalla, the management board member responsible for infrastructure at Deutsche Bahn AG, commented:

"The release of the starter package is clearly more than a budgetary decision. It represents a railroad revolution. For the first time, the Federal Government is funding the digitisation of trains - in addition to infrastructure. This will enable Germany to become an international industry champion, with railroads in other countries taking their cue from it."

A total of more than EUR 600 million is being invested to bring this showcase project onto the rails. In addition to the necessary contractual negotiations, reuschlaw and its experts are providing support for the now pending retrofitting and upgrading of rail vehicles with the technologies required for this purpose.

In the past, reuschlaw has already supervised several railroad projects, which in particular involved the modernisation, equipping and approval of rail vehicles with ETCS as well as highly efficient, state-of-the-art rail traffic with ATO systems (up to GoA Level 4, Grade of Automation). In this light, we are very pleased to have been commissioned for the pilot project in the German digitalisation offensive for rail and to be able to actively support it.

[March 2022]