E-mobility: Risks and opportunities of HV technology in the development and manufacture of HV systems for passenger and commercial vehicles

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Daniel Wuhrmann

HV technology has long since gained a foothold in hybrid and fully electric vehicles, from passenger vehicles to many types of commercial vehicles and even buses. It offers a wide range of opportunities, as well as well-known risks which have hardly been examined until now, for manufacturers, distributors, operators and users, and in case of accidents, for emergency personnel and insurers as well.

Our new webinar series will examine interesting, current and controversial topics in the area of e-mobility.

In this webinar,

  • Daniel Wuhrmann, our Head of Mobility;   
  • Thomas Carl, Head of Operation Transportation Technologies at Intertek Deutschland GmbH; and?
  • Gerald Sobota, Head of Operations Transportation Technologies and Intertek KJ Tech Services;

will highlight selected overarching legal and technical issues in the area of e-mobility, with a particular focus on OEMs and suppliers, relating to the development and manufacture of HV systems for passenger and commercial vehicles (road, agricultural and industrial vehicles).


  • overview and basic understanding of safety and liability-related aspects in the cooperation between manufacturers and suppliers of e-mobility products;
  • challenges associated with communication and documentation of the "state of the art" in science and engineering, using the example of functional safety (ISO 26262/IEC 61508);
  • risks to be considered in connection with batteries;
  • safety measures to be considered in connection with batteries;
  • applicable standards for testing and approval of batteries in the automotive industry;
  • definition of "high-voltage" vehicles;
  • HV education/training programs for employees and suppliers;
  • testing vehicles in public space;

this webinar is intended for all industry operators who deal with the issue of safety, as well as product developers and designers, from management to research and development and legal departments.

The event, from reuschlaw Legal Consultants and Intertek Consumer Goods, will be conducted as a webinar from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM on 22 June 2021. Admission is free of charge. Register here!