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Investigation findings published: cookies remain a focus for the data protection authorities!

Placing products on the British market: what do companies need to keep in mind as of 1 January 2021?

Adequacy decision: the United Kingdom is considered a secure third country effective immediately

Underestimated risks: the significance of the GDPR for product development

Open road for self-driving cars

Category: future law Industry: mobility Author: Daniel Wuhrmann , Niklas Gatermann Date: 2021

Extension of the coronavirus aid and Bridging Aid III Plus: grant to cover the cost of restructuring advice

Update: Mutual Recognition Agreement between Switzerland and the EU falls through

Category: compliance Industry: healthcare Author: Miriam Schuh Date: 2021

Higher Administrative Court of Schleswig-Holstein rules on the right to refuse to provide information to data protection authorities

reuschlaw Legal Consultants the only law firm in the recently launched GAIA-X 4 AI project