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Scammers are Winning: € 41.3 ($ 47.8) Billion lost in Scams, up 15%

ENISA and BKA report on cybersecurity: overview of the biggest threats

Industry 4.0: legal protection of machine-generated data

Regulation of Internet-of-Things cybersecurity in Europe and Germany as exemplified by devices for children

Category: cybersecurity , data protection Industry: consumer goods Author: Stefan Hessel Date: 2020

IT security in practice: infusing life into Article 32 of the GDPR

Illegal espionage devices: a risk for manufacturers and vendors?

New guidance document on cybersecurity for medical devices

Labor Court of Berlin: data protection in time tracking systems

reuschlaw Legal Consultants further expands its cybersecurity consulting practice

Category: cybersecurity , data protection Industry: corporate news Date: 2020