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The Liechtenstein Data Protection Authority describes the course of a data protection audit

Risk for health app operators: will data transfers to the US soon be prohibited under an ECJ judgment?

Category: data protection Industry: consumer goods, healthcare Author: Stefan Hessel Date: 2020

Health care update: MDR moratorium, national legislation, COVID-19

Category: product liability , compliance Industry: healthcare Author: Miriam Schuh Date: 2020

Germany: BGH issues decision on cookie consent based on CJEU Planet49 case

Out of the home and into the office: data protection and going back to work

Rules for the distribution of products for medical needs

Category: product liability Industry: healthcare Author: Miriam Schuh Date: 2020

Legality of data protection inspections of at-home workstations

reuschlaw White Paper: Data Protection for Working from Home and Using New Software

International: Privacy implications of Coronavirus tracking mobile apps

Category: data protection Industry: healthcare Date: 2020