Christmas donation – Protection for women and children affected by violence

BORA e. V.

Another turbulent "Corona year" lies behind us. One of the many consequences of the pandemic is that women and children are being increasingly exposed to domestic violence. Therefore, we have decided to refrain from sending Christmas cards and gifts this year as well, in order to donate to an institution – BORA e.V. – that advocates protection, counseling and prevention for women and their children who have been affected by violence.

BORA has made it its mission to show women with and without children who are affected by violence how to protect themselves.

In particular, the following objectives are pursued:

  • to provide a shelter for women and their children who are or have been at the mercy of violent situations and to help them obtain their rights whenever possible;
  • to help women and their children develop new perspectives on life;
  • to show the socio-political backgrounds through which violence against women is fostered; and
  • to combat all forms of violence against women and children.

This year, the association is using our donation to provide each of the more than 30 children accommodated in the house an educationally valuable Christmas present tailored to their individual interests, and is providing a small contribution to the festival of lights celebrated in mid-December in the garden of the women's shelter.

It is a great pleasure for us to donate and help the children accommodated at BORA to forget their worries for a few hours and just be children. In this way, we can support BORA e. V. in creating for those affected a violence-free space, which most of us can take for granted.  

[December 2021]