Future law

Liability issues in the deployment of autonomous systems

Industry 4.0, automobile industry, data protection law, Big Data

Everyone's talking about autonomous systems. They interact purposefully with other systems, and are capable of learning in the decisions they make with a very high degree of independence from the actual user. About this book:

  • explanation of the legal framework of products in general and autonomous systems in particular
  • distinction according to contractual and non-contractual liability and description of requirements under product safety law
  • treatment of loT blockchain and digital twin applications for the implementation of legal requirements or enablement of autonomous systems
  • summary of the legal challenges in the German liability system
  • discussion of the way patent and trademark law mesh together
  • a look at the possible impacts in the application of the concept

 Target groups             

Attorneys at law, corporate counsel, commercial lawyers, scientific researchers, researchers in the fields of digitalisation, data protection law, IT law and general civil law

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[December 2018]