reusch­law White­pa­per: The new Ecode­sign Regulation

As part of the EU Green Deal, the EU is streng­thening the sus­tainable design of pro­ducts with new legal acts. The pro­po­sal for a new Ecode­sign Regu­la­ti­on, which the EU Com­mis­si­on published on 30 March 2022, plays an important role in this. The Regu­la­ti­on is curr­ent­ly in the legis­la­ti­ve pro­cess. The EU Green Deal is a stra­tegy paper of the EU Com­mis­si­on from 2019 that aims to lead the EU to cli­ma­te neu­tra­li­ty by 2050 by adap­ting and rene­wing the legal frame­work. The stra­tegy paper is not legal­ly bin­ding. Howe­ver, the Euro­pean Cli­ma­te Law, which is bin­ding for all EU Mem­ber Sta­tes, was adopted on 24 June 2021 and sets the goal of cli­ma­te neu­tra­li­ty by 2050. Cli­ma­te neu­tra­li­ty means no net green­house gas emis­si­ons from 2050 onwards and decou­pling eco­no­mic growth from resour­ce usage.

In this white paper, Saskia Witt­brodt, Anna Piroth and Wie­te Her­weg pre­sent the fun­da­men­tal chan­ges, objec­ti­ves and major inno­va­tions, such as the digi­tal pro­duct pass­port, of the Ecode­sign Regulation.

You can down­load the full white paper here.


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