Business Brunch – brave new (railway) world

Category: cybersecurity, data protection, product safety Industry: railway Location: Berlin Date:

Product responsibility in times of digitalisation and the 4th railway package

The German and European railway sectors are currently going through massive change. For years now, the ubiquitous digitalisation and modernisation of the various industries and the pursuit of harmonisation by the European Union have been causing continual change in the regulatory requirements relating to the railway sector.

In order not to lose track of all this, we cordially invite you to join us to discuss and address the current challenges in the rail industry:

  • What is the current status of the 4th railway package and its implementation in Germany?
  • What experience has been had so far in dealings with authorities and the OSS ?
  • What data protection regulations apply in and for the rail sector?
  • What cyber-security requirements do rail products have to meet?
  • What duties requiring action are expected and what do we need to prepare for?

These and many other exciting questions on all aspects of 'digitalisation and the 4th railway package' will be on centre stage at our Business Brunch on 24 May 2019 in Düsseldorf.






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