Social media analysis for suppliers

Industry: mobility Location: Hornbach Date:

Automotive supply industry 2018 – 26 to 28 September at Kloster Hornbach

Analysis of customer feedback from social media for laminated safety glass in the automotive sector

Social media and the analysis of data obtained from them are becoming more and more important, also in the supply industry. Yet another reason to occupy ourselves with this topic at our automotive event. To do that, we have been able to enlist the services of Verena Heinrichs (PRS Technologie Gesellschaft mbH) and Dr. Uwe Keller (Kuraray Europe GmbH), who will be providing some insights into subjects such as:

  • your customer is on line: where are you?
  • right at the source: social media analysis for suppliers
  • the Kuraray case study: laminated safety glass – technology and user experience

Verena Heinrichs studied linguistics and communication science / applied linguistics at the RWTH in Aachen and worked as from 2013 as a research associate in the 'Customer Insights' group at the chair of quality management of Prof. Robert Schmitt. Since 2017 she has been head of 'Social Media Intelligence / SOCiALYOU' at the PRS Technology Co., a spin-off of the RWTH. The team, comprising engineers, software developers and data scientists, extracts and analyses the customer's voice from the Net and assists companies in the data-based development of innovative products and services.