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Category: compliance, recall management, product safety Industry: consumer goods Location: Berlin Date:

Market surveillance, RAPEX, recall campaigns and legal quality management

Business Brunch with Philipp Reusch on 22 September 2017

Machines, power tools, e-bikes ... and all the other products made for industry and private individuals: the quantity and variety of unsafe products seem to be increasing all the time. At the same time, the authorities responsible are better placed than they used to be, and they exploit the legal options, such as those available in on-line retail for example, more intensively.

Companies are bound to the specifications of product safety and environmental law and those of the many laws and ordinances which often apply in parallel, and thus need a system with which they can implement the minimum legal requirements.

Apart from knowing how to deal with 

  • products imported from outside the EU and private brands
  • conformity assessment procedures and the relevant documentation
  • the identification of relevant legal texts and (harmonised) technical standards and the current state of technology inside and outside the EU

an appropriate market surveillance system should also be put in place when setting up a suitably structured product compliance management scheme.

As well as the preventive organisation and structures of a company, preparation for appropriate reactions to defective products and interaction with suppliers, customers and authorities is essential.

This also includes dealing with the EU’s RAPEX risk management system and other risk assessment methods for the analysis of the hazards posed by defective products.

Together with you and our partners Michael Lörzer of Globalnorm and Sebastian Jockusch of Bettenwelt GmbH & Co. KG, we would like to discuss the relevant requirements and the steps that need to be taken to fulfil them at our Business Brunch in Berlin.

This event is offered free of charge and will be held in German.