Flat­ten the cur­ve: due to coro­na­vi­rus, we will be can­ce­ling our events until fur­ther notice.

The­re is a com­mon mis­con­cep­ti­on that Covid-19 poses no risk for the young and healt­hy. Alt­hough the cour­se of the ill­ness is mil­der for tho­se groups in most cases, the dan­ger exists that we will trans­mit the virus to peo­p­le who are at risk. For this reason, we have deci­ded as a com­pa­ny to adopt “social distancing” and will be can­ce­ling our events until fur­ther notice.

Our busi­ness will con­ti­nue. But here as well, we will adapt to con­di­ti­ons as well as we can so as to avo­id put­ting our fami­lies, col­le­agues, cli­ents and fri­ends at risk if pos­si­ble. The math is simp­le: if each per­son in our 33-member team has just 5 cont­acts, each of whom in turn has 5 more cont­acts, the­re are a total of 825 second-degree cont­acts (33x5x5) who­se health we may be affec­ting, direct­ly or indirectly.

As a result, we will do ever­y­thing we can to mini­mi­ze the risk of infec­tion. Start­ing this week, we will be working from home to the ext­ent pos­si­ble. You will still be able to reach us as usu­al. The object of this mea­su­re is to con­tain the tra­jec­to­ry of the infec­tion cur­ve; i.e. to flat­ten the curve.

In that spi­rit: stay healt­hy!
Plea­se cont­act us if you have any questions!

Here you will find recom­men­da­ti­ons and a back­ground ana­ly­sis from Dr. Car­lo Piltz and Moritz zur Wei­hen on ques­ti­ons in data pro­tec­tion law con­cer­ning the pro­per hand­ling of Covid-19.


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